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Sangiovese Maremma

Grape Variety: Sangiovese Brilliant garnet. It has the elegance and velvety harmonious flavour that one expects after such intense rich and well developed nose.

Nero D’Avola

Intrusive ruby red colour with purple hues. Elegant bouquet with aromas of small red fruits and ripe fruits on the palate it is elegant and harmonious with good structure


Ruby red, clean plumy fruit, mid-bodied with balanced tannins

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

Full bodied red, aged in varying oak barrels, it has a pleasant lingering bouquet with notable hints of plum and maracas cherry. Soft and smooth on the palate


Brief fermentation with skins, the oaky note on the nose is harmonious and the palate echoes the fruit, especially cherries and is enjoyably fresh


Ruby red colour with a hint of violets. The bouquet is a combination of red fruits, vinous and spicy on the palate, is well balanced, medium bodied and velvet-smooth. The tannin is sweet

Merlot Veneto

Intense ruby red with hints of violet, the bouquet typically intense with a scent of red berry fruits. Rich, medium bodies, supple good structure.